From the first steps - to employers

step 1.
We get a recruitment profile and order from the customer / employer.

step 2.
We immediately contact everyone withing the organization if our agents have the required skills in their network and/or database. We also investigate if the desired profile exists within our extended contacts. If we have a match, we will examine if the wish for relocation is still relevant. If we are unable to find any good candidates through our network or database, we will post ads in the main forums for that professional group and on various social media.

step 3.
After the CV reviews, we interview the relevant persons. Here we are looking to see if a serious interest exists, the conditions for relocation exist and whether the formal competence is sufficient.

step 4.
A general information about the Swedish or Danish place of residence, employer, work and conditions will be communicated to the current candidates. In depth interviews, we focus on professional skills and personalities such as flexibility, willingness to change, and again – the interest in the profession.

step 5.
After further screening, at least two relevant references will be contacted. Futhermore, a linguistic screening will be made where we study the candidate’s ability to learn Swedish / Danish in the appointed time. If the candidate does not have linguistic talent, we must unfortunately deny the candidate as the probability of reaching C1 level in Swedish is very low and thereby the probability to obtain the Swedish medical license will be very low as well.

step 6.
For each candidate we make a “presentation portfolio”. It includes the CV and a short personal letter, the opinions of the referents, the results of the interviews, and other documents that might be relevant to the employer.

step 7.
The employer states their interest in the candidate and invite to interview on Skype.

step 8.
After the Skype interview, the process proceeds and the candidate receives an invitation to Sweden. A visiting trip will be organized. The workplace, the duties and colleagues are presented, the candidate’s professional skills and personality are investigated. Naturally the candidate does the same thing. The residential area is also presented, including an example of a place of residence. The life of the current city is also shown to the candidate. The entire stay is usually 2 days and trips.

step 9.
In the case of continued interest from both parties is still alive, a “Guarantee of Employment” is signed between employers and employees.

step 10.
The language course starts and lasts for about 6-8 months depending on the candidate and the group it is included in.

step 11.
The language course starts and lasts for about 7 months, where the requirement is for the course participant to achieve C1 level. The course ends with a final exam and certificate. This certificate must be submitted to the Swedish National Board of Health with the application and all the other documents requested for a validation of the certificate for Sweden.

step 12.
The collection for Swedish license to practice and specialist competence is initiated and completed before the Swedish employment starts. However, the response from the Swedish National Board of Health may take a month or so after the complete application has been submitted.

step 13.
Continuous contact is held between the candidates, Li-reco and the employer to make everyone feel involved.

step 14.
Li-reco also assists with the whole relocation process from the candidates residence to the new Swedish residence. We assist in organizing the relocation of their cargo, the application for social security numbers, information among the various authorities such as the Taxation Agency, the Migration Board, the Social Insurance Agency, childcare, etc.

step 15.
The employer receives monthly interim reports on the progress of the candidate through the process. We consider it important that the employer is also updated on the status prior to moving to Sweden, language development and the status of medical certificate / specialist certificates.

– The medical knowledge. The employer should ensure that the candidate has the proper knowledge and fulfils the pre-set requirement. The employer should make a through interview and any technical examination. You as the employer are the specialist in your workplace.

– Force Major; such as deaths, illnesses or other unpredictable events of the candidate and his loved ones.

To you as an employer
We also have the option of organizing parts of our steps listed here to the left, where language education is the most requested individual service. You are welcome to contact us with your request.

General about language education and its implementation
The education organizer has more than eight years’ experience in teaching medical Swedish and has developed targeted methodological tools, an assessment system in accordance with GERS and special syllabus for healthcare professionals. The course provides the healthcare staff with the linguistic and cultural skills they need to function in their occupational role in a Scandinavian hospital. The courses are conducted under close control, from the preparatory phase until the end of the course. The school’s management and education expert is in constant contact with the teachers, following their daily work, provides professional advice as needed and ensures that the participants’ development is in line with the curriculum requirements and expectations. Great consideration is given to the participants’ individual needs and prerequisites.