From the first steps - to jobseekers

step 1.
You show your interest in en employment is Scandinavia through submitting your expression of interest. Someone from the company will contact you.

step 2.
We send out Li-reco´s cv-template and information about the potential job offer. You fill out the template, write a short presentation about you, your family and interests. Send us the contacts to 2-3 references

step 3.
We will contact you and have a deeper conversation with you as a candidate. We also want to get to know your family as well. We need a complete picture of you, get all our questions answered for the best and most honest project we all have in front of us.

step 4.
You make a language assessment with our school, so we know how fast / correct you can learn the Swedish language. One of the National Board’s requirements for all legitimacy is Swedish at C1 level according to GERS.
For Denmark, we do not need to do linguistic analysis yet.

step 5.
We send your presentation to the employer in Sweden/Denmark.

step 6.
You become selected by the employer. In some cases, the employer wants to make a skype interview.

step 7.
You are selected and invited for a visit to the health center/hospital in question. We pay the trip and the housing.

step 8.
If the employer and you as a candidate say yes to each other’s offer, you sign the agreements and the Swedish language course can start and last for about 7 months. You as a candidate are entitled to receive money for the time you study, as the course is very intensive and you will not be able to work during the course.

step 9.
During the language course, we will help you with all the necessary preparations to make as smooth relocation to the new country as possible. We inform you about the documents you need to collect for your Swedish license to practice and registration in Sweden, we help you find an accommodation, help your children to a kindergarten / school place, and we also guide your partner to finding a job. Of course, we will accompany you to the tax office to register and apply for a Swedish social security number and inform you of the Swedish authorities as well.

step 10.
When you have finished the language course and have reached the desired linguistic level, with certificate, it is time to move to your new Scandinavian residence. On the first day of your new country, you and your family will be registered and led through the system so that you can start a new life in Sweden or Denmark as smoothly as possible.

step 11.
We prefer to keep in touch with our employers and candidates even after the projects are completed. There are always some minor details that come up in the first months that we hope to give our assistance in.

Generally about Scandinavian employers
Scandinavian employers are perceived to be safe and stable, and often offer a work environment where employees are respected and themselves can participate and influence their workplaces and working conditions.

To think of
When you fill in the CV template we have submitted to you, it is important that you fill it in as carefully, detailed and honestly as possible. This is what your future employer will first see about you and in some cases, make decisions based on it.
Once you have written on the work offer that your future Scandinavian employer has sent to you, the language training will start. It is very important that you have full focus on the education for your future work. Sweden also requires certificates on C1 level according to GERS and it is important that you reach that level before you start working full-time.