Lidia Barta

  • Lidia Coaching & Consulting (Founded 2009)
  • 2011 began Lidia C & C to work with mediation of physicians to Sweden
  • The company has good contacts within this field
  • 2015 Li-Reco Ab started.

About Lidia:

I’m a happy and pleased mom for my two, little rascal, sweetie-pie daughters. While I am happy to guide them, helping them and paying close attention to their development towards independent individuals, I am often amazed at the changes and discoveries we experience together. I believe that one of our challenges, not least for us adults, is to accept and process the transformations that take place around us and within us.
In addition to the practical achievements that I can experience through Li-reco, the most important pleasure and honor for me is to be one of those people who make this great trip – vital, both private and professional – to as a smooth transformation as possible for those people and families who choose to share it with us. As an experienced recruiting consultant and project manager in international recruitment, my work is not completely different from a parent: to offer patience, attention and encouraging environment from which the basis for successful cooperation can develop.


We have representatives in most of the European Union countries. Some of them are:

Ejona Mara – Italy, Spain

Zrinka Stanic – Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria

Argirola Dramali – Greece

Cristina Kirr – Romania

Zsombor Balogh – Hungary

LireCo is more then just a professional recruiting company. From the very first moment they pay maximal attention to help the job seekers to find the employer which fits best their needs and for the employers the perfect employee for the position. This is very good base for long term work relationship. Their assistance during the whole process from the first contact until and beyond the start of employment is comforting. They really help to have the best start of a new life in a new country. Even years after the start of employment they are ready to help with all sorts of problems at the job or in the everyday life.  They feel more like friends/family members than a company.

Gábor Veress MD Örebro, Sweden

Sensommarens vackraste ros vill jag ge till läkare Christian Mateii på Nässjö vårdcentral. Alltid ett vänligt bemötande, samt stort engagemang för patientens bästa! Lycka
till med ditt nya jobb!

Solweig Sjölin

Ett stort fång röda rosor till min underbara Läkare Cristian Mateiu som nu slutar på Nässjö vårdcentral.
Tråkigt! Lycka till på den nya platsen.

Irma Nässjö

Thank you very much for all the advice and everything else you gave me as I learned more about myself. You strengthened my confidence:) Without your help with resume, cover letter and all the other things we did together, I would probably never come on this Interview:) … and nor felt me this calm before it. I was not at all nervous – as I used to be before. I was myself completely to 110%

Marie Persson

I can only give encouragement in the form of good statements, I have been very happy with the help, and my coach has helped me with trying to find new ways of thinking and problem solving. Would any of my acquaintance ever need a job-coach, I can heartily recommend my coach, Lidia. /../It has been lots of positive encouragement and criticism, this has in turn led to my self esteem has improved and it feels as if one have come a long way on the right track

Pontus Hyltén

I want to say a big thank you to Lidia that she has helped me so much toward getting “the microphone” back again and that I have had my good humor back

Louise Kjaer

Communication between us has been a really good. She is has a very pleasant person to talk to and I have not opened myself this much to a person before, something that I have now made with Lidia

Lisa Lindahl

I perceive Lidia professional, as she is a person with both legs on earth and there is such people who I enjoy working with


I can describe Lidia Bartha´s  attitude to work as reliable, energetic, high working capacity and determined in making decisions. She is helpful and a good team-worker, good communicator

Andrea Bodrog
MD. from Hungary

I am pediatrician from Romania and going to work in Sweden, grace to Lidia Consulting . She made my steps toward this new life to a honest and calm experience. Lidia and her company is persistent in their work. No fees, no lies, no unreal promises. It was important to have somebody beside you who lives in Sweden and can help you to know and to feel the swedish life. If you are really determined to work in Sweden and want to move there, you can trust Lidia Consulting

Liana Manaila
MD. from Romania